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Innovative Skin Care

        Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings with Kendara Laurel.

We are pleased to announce that Kendara Laurel will begin offering Intuitive, tarot and I Ching readings here several times a month. She has been involved in Metaphysics for over 35 years. She is an Intuitive Counselor and Reiki Master. Kendara teaches classes in Meditation, I Ching (book of changes), Intuitive Tarot, Healing, Psychic Development and Numerology. Kendara also mentors students wanting to study in a smaller setting.

In addition, she also organizes the ‘Introduction to Metaphysics’ Meetup, which meets 3 times a month in various locations:

She can be contacted:

Please contact us to make an appointment or for price information

Readings are $65 an hour (or $45 for a half hour).